With 40 years & two generations of family experience in pharmacology, Rizzo Pharmacy in Positano launched its own skincare line “Positano Cosmetics Italia”. The range is born from the quest to create effective products on the basis of simple natural ingredients that have true benefits for the skin and employ advanced production technology available in Italy.

Our philosophy is to combine the best of nature & science 

  • Use plant-origin ingredients that are “recognised” by the skin
  • Reduce the number of active ingredients, “go easy” on the skin
  • Use high percentage concentration of active ingredients, which is more effective
  • Safe, toxin-free and paraben-free formulations
  • Absence of heavy allergenic preservatives
  • Not tested on animals

Our range includes face, body & sun care products that is a complete holistic package addressing your face & body needs.

At the moment you can find  “Positano Cosmetics Italia” in the original Rizzo pharmacy located in the centre of Positano and  the new para-pharmacy shop “The Pharmacy” located on the main beach of Positano.